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What's New at Applied Specialties


August 11, 2017: LimeCure 40 Success.


April 26, 2016: Celebrating a new series of product marks.


April 25, 2016: Patent 9,309,151 issues for new lime slurry development.


July 2, 2015: New Arkansas Slurry plant Starts Production.


May 26, 2015: ASI LimeCure 50 success.


May 20, 2014: AS-9637 ASI’s Performance Slurry a success.


May 15, 2014: AS-9637 ASI’s Performance Slurry Record another success.


November 18, 2013: AS-3023 The Right Choice.


October 8, 2013: ASI starts its Advanced Lime Slurry Production in Louisiana.


July 8, 2013: Southwest Chemistry Workshop presentation.


January 17, 2013: AS-8725 reduces lime use and improves plant performance.


January 9, 2013: AS-5420 improves safety and lowers costs.


December 17, 2012: AS-8725 to be trialed in a Louisiana sugar mill to determine plant benefits.


December 12, 2012: Applied Specialties was recently awarded a trial at a large petrochemical facility for our AS-8725, lime slurry additive.


December 4, 2012: AS-2222 Cationic Polymer performance “OUTSTANDING.”


November 26, 2012: Case Study: Union City, Pa.


March 2, 2012: AS-8750 records another Utility SDA success.


February 23, 2012: AS-8750 demonstrates ability to keep municipal water plant’s lime slaking system clean and deposit free.


February 17, 2012: AS-5244 continues to provide excellent Mercury removal in Utility FGD system.


February 10, 2012: Another 4 municipal water treatment plants start using ASI’s patented AS-8750 to improve the lime use and reduce maintenance..


January 25, 2012: ASI new warehouse completion.


January 18, 2012: ASI starts expanded trial using its Patented lime slurry polymer at a Midwest Power plants SDA.


January 10, 2012: ASI starts a trial using its Patented lime slurry polymer at a Florida municipal water plant.


December 6, 2011: ASI starts a trial using its Patented lime slurry polymer at an Ohio municipal water plant.


October 17, 2011: ASI starts 2nd trial using its Patented lime slurry polymer.


August 3, 2011: ASI starts construction on new warehouse.


March 25, 2011: United States Patent and Trademark Office Grants renewal of ALUMER Trademark to Applied Specialties.


March 1, 2011: United States Patent 7,897,062 issued to ASI.


May 18, 2010: United States Patent 7,718,085 issued to ASI.


April 26, 2010: Applied Specialties introduces a traced dispersant system.


April 12, 2010: Western Power plant to run the ASI Patented Eco-Safe™ process.


April 5, 2010: Applied Specialties adds to its sales-service support staff in the West.


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