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April 26, 2016



The UltraLime product group will have its own look and be easily recognized as different. You will immediately realize UltraLime is not just another lime slurry. It has every performance advantage users of lime wish to have without the drawbacks.

Look at the specifications on most lime slurries. Nearly all are 30% solids and notice they do not specify how much of that 30% is calcium hydroxide.  Since calcium hydroxide is what does the work, UltraLime’s calcium hydroxide concentration is not only specified, it is the method by which you get billed. Typical calcium hydroxide in UltraLime is 41% and that is in a product with a viscosity of between 1,000cps and 1,500cps.

UltraLime is also NSF certified for drinking water applications.

There is no need to dilute UltraLime, it may be fed as delivered and that is how it is preferred. A peristaltic pump makes feeding easy and automation even easier.

Most lime slurries are sold on a liquid basis. There are no claims of guaranteed solids and few supply a complete certificate of analyses. Every lot of UltraLime comes with a complete certificate of analyses. You know immediately how much the calcium hydroxide costs you.

If you use lime slurry that is not UltraLime, ask your supplier what their active percent of calcium hydroxide is and what their cost per dry ton calcium hydroxide is. Then compare that to UltraLime. You will be surprised to see how much money you will save.


For more detailed information on how UltraLime might reduce your lime slurry costs and maintenance issues, contact Applied Specialties, Inc. at 440-933-9442 or email with “UltraLime Information” in the subject line.


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