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April 25, 2016

US Patent Office Issues ASI Patent #9,309,151
for Lime Slurry Development

Applied Specialties, Inc. receives yet another patent for its innovation in making lime slurries. This latest patent shows the commitment that ASI has in improving how companies can utilize lime without the historical maintenance and handling problems associated with lime. Lime has a large number of operational and cost benefits as an alkali source; however the scaling and fouling that result frequently make the use of lime more expensive. The ASI technology essentially removes these drawbacks and makes lime not only easy to use but cost beneficial to use.

Lime slurry produced with ASI’s lime slurry patented process creates a more reactive lime because the lime particles do not agglomerate as they will otherwise.

There are a number of companies that are selling lime slurries but those are traditional slurries made from hydrate and typically having active hydrate solids less than 30%. The ASI technology permits slurry solids over 42%. This is especially beneficial since it decreases excess freight and handling. The high solids low viscosity ASI slurries do not require on-site dilution. This makes automation easy and decreases system balancing adjustments.


The benefits to using the ASI patented technology includes the near elimination of scaling and fouling and in most systems, using either LimeCure or UltraLime results in system clean up without using special procedures. Simply using these products provides a maintenance benefit


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