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May 26, 2015

LimeCure 50 Success

ASI’s LimeCure 50 lime slurry treatment has added yet another level of performance. In a recent trial, LimeCure 50 was used in a detention slaker in an attempt to increase the lime slurry solids beyond the design level of 20%. The plant has been using the LimeCure in their process for over a year. This trial was an attempt to increase the slurry content and eliminate slaking water heat addition. The secondary purpose was then to evaluate if the higher solids slurry could be pumped thru the existing equipment. After preparing the 26% slurry, the supply valving to the SDA was swapped from the storage tank with the 20% slurry to the one with 26% slurry. The system experienced no pumping or atomization issues. What did occur was an immediate drop in stack SO2 and a stabilization of the readings. The drop was significant going from 0.18lbs of S per mmBTU to 0.09lbs S/mmBTU. Upon returning to the lower solids slurry, the stack returned to 0.18.

This experiment demonstrates that by only using LimeCure, it is possible that an existing coal fired power plant could further reduce its emissions without capital improvement expenses. This experimental process will continue with the ultimate goal of producing 38% slurry in the equipment and then attempting to burn 2% S coal.  This will demonstrate the ability of exceeding the established and accepted 1.5% sulfur SDA limit.


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