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Applied Specialties has 2 (two) separate product offering for users of lime products. The separate product groups utilize our patented lime slurry additive, LimeCure. On the one side is the LimeCure additive itself and the other is a prepared lime slurry that incorporates the LimeCure in its formation.

The following web pages address each product in detail. This page will give you a brief background of the product so that you will be able to select the product that is best for you.


LimeCure is an ASI patented polymer product that is added to slaking water prior to lime addition. The product inhibits lime particle agglomeration and as such maintains a slurry with a much higher surface area. This higher actual surface area increases the kinetics of the slurry. This results in improved lime utilization and increased reactions rates the benefits of which are reduced lime use, decreased maintenance and less waste solids. The use of LimeCure should be considered when the use of quicklime exceeds 15 dry tons per day. There are 3 separate concentrations of LimeCure depending on size of application and equipment handling needs. These are 25%, 40% and 50% active solids. All LimeCure products are NSF certified for use in treatment potable water.


UltraLime is a prepared lime slurry that utilizes the ASI Patented technology. Like LimeCure it is NSF certified for potable water use. It is prepared as a 37.5% Calcium hydroxide solids product. UltraLime is intended for ready to use applications and does not need any additional processing prior to use. UltraLime has a significant number of product performance advantages over other commercial lime slurry products. The most noticeable is its low viscosity and its use efficiency. These benefits owe themselves to patented technology. Because the UltraLime particles do not agglomerate, the agglomeration energy is not seen as an increase in viscosity and the product maintains a very high apparent surface area increasing the reaction rates in all applications where it is used. This decrease in agglomeration results in the elimination of scale formation.


One of the economic advantages of UltraLime over any other commercial slurry is how it is marketed. The product is sold on the basis of calcium hydroxide solids contained in the product’s lot and not total solids as with all other slurries. The ASI product belief is users are buying Calcium hydroxide so why should they be expected to pay for the inert material in the slurry or any calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate or magnesium by-product salts. These materials provide no benefit in the lime softening reactions or many scrubbing processes.


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