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Applied Specialties' Eco-Safe™ System is a newly developed technology designed to facilitate the following objectives:


  •  Zero liquid Discharge
  •  Wastewater Recovery
  •  Maximum Water Reuse or Recycle
  •  Desalinization
  •  Minimum Environment Wastes
  •  Low Operating Costs


Download our Eco-Safe Brochure

Download our Eco-Safe™ Brochure (PDF)



Eco-Safe™ is a technological breakthrough in water treatment. It reduces hardness, heavy metals and suspended solids. More importantly, it reduces chlorides; sulfate and most other anionic materials that had previously made recycle or zero discharge difficult or expensive. The process uses two well established technologies coupled in a unique configuration; ion exchange and caustic soda softening.


Unlike other current ZLD technologies, Eco-Safe™ is economical and generates limited wastes. Eco-Safe™ is also energy efficient and easy to operate. ASI has just completed the construction of a mobile Eco-Safe™ demonstration plant for in-plant evaluation of this exciting technology.


In addition Eco-Safe™ technology can be utilized in a wide variety of related applications such as the reduction of TOC (total Organic Carbon) in drinking water or reducing nitrates, nitrites or arsenic.


Eco-Safe™ is covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 6,059,974 and 6,296,761. The Mexican Patent Number is 217443. Patents are pending in Canada. Please check this site for updates on the Eco-Safe™ system as well as other innovative Water Treatment Technologies from ASI.


The ASI Eco-Safe™ System - Breakthrough Water Treatment Technology Available Today!



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