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Applied Special­ties, Inc. was founded in the spring of 1981 as a water treatment company specialized in providing heavy industrial clients with service and technology specifically geared to their individual needs.


The founding concept of Applied Specialties was to concentrate primarily on solving client problems and minimize the importance of chemicals as the primary solution. This view remains ASI's philosophy to the present day.

Our market focus has shifted to specializing on 2 critical business segments 1) the Utility Power Industry and 2) the Municipal Drinking and Wastewater markets.

The Applied Specialties facilities in Avon Lake, Ohio house our office facilities, laboratory, manufacturing and distribution. We have currently completed a new package products warehouse to maintain rapid client service. Since service is one of our specialties, the new warehouse will insure that our clients receive their materials on time.

To better serve our Western US clients, ASI has a distribution facility in Buckeye, Arizona. We also have localized manufacturing points for our municipal drinking water coagulants thereby reducing delivery times and controlling costs.

ASI is dedicated to providing a positive and safe work experience for all its employees. Applied Specialties is also committed to developing environmentally friendly technologies such as our Eco-Safe. Working together with government, community, and environmental factions, we are focusing our intellectual efforts to developing safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Avon Lake, Ohio campus will become a zero net discharge rain water site as the current construction is completed. The site plan will be available to any business wishing to control their storm water release.

Applied Specialties, Inc. will continue to serve its clientele by offering the most advanced and safest technologies and service available.




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